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Welcome to My Genealogy Graphoanalysis Service!
This site offers you the opportunity to get to know your ancestors in a way you never thought possible by including not only their names and dates in your family book, but the PERSONALITY of your ancestor as well. Comprehensive Report

What Is Graphoanalysis?
Before addressing Graphoanalysis, I would like to address the healthy skeptics out there. Let me give you something to consider. Most of us learned the "Palmer Method" of writing in grammar school. We were all taught to form letters the exact same way... practicing perfect formation over and over. Why, then, is the writing of each person so different? If our circumstances and personality did not enter into our writing, wouldn't we all still be forming our letters as we were taught in grammar school? Enough said... now onto the Graphoanalysis explanation.

Graphoanalysis is a method of scientific assessment. Research on this method has been done for more than fifty years. Putting it in simpler form, a trained Graphoanalyst can make an accurate personality analysis by studying the INDIVIDUAL STROKES of handwriting to determine the character and personality of the person whose handwriting is available. Graphoanalysis IS NOT occult related. Certified Graphoanalysts cannot predict the future through handwriting analysis, nor can they counsel a person in health or mental matters unless they are qualified in these fields to do so. The purpose of a Certified Graphoanalyst is to study the handwriting and give an unbiased account of what that handwriting reveals... and it does reveal a great deal.

Graphology is the generic term for all forms and systems of handwriting analysis. The words "Graphoanalyst" and "Graphoanalysis" are trademarked terms that apply only to the system taught by the International Graphoanalysis Society of which I am a member. This is the only system of handwriting analysis that can produce scientific validation data, is sponsored by a worldwide organization, and the only one where the practitioners are required to abide by a code of ethics. (Learn more about the "International Graphoanalysis Society" by going to my Frequently Asked Questions page and clicking on the link at the bottom.)