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Comprehensive Report

What Is A Comprehensive Report?
The Comprehensive Report offered here tells you in depth how your ancestors dealt with different situations (Emotional Responsiveness), what their manner of thinking was (Mental Processes), what their goal achieving abilities were (Goals), what personality fears they harbored (Fears), how they defended their egos (Defenses), what type of person they were (Integrity), how well they were able to get along with others (Social Traits), and what their natural aptitudes and talents were (Aptitudes). The words in parenthesis are the headings in the comprehensive report. Sample Report

What Can Graphoanalysis Do To Enhance My Family Book?
Graphoanalysis can give you an accurate personality portrait of your ancestor. Now, instead of just names, dates and pictures, you can have an excellent understanding of your ancestor to add to his or her section of your family book. Need More Info on Graphoanalysis?

What will a Comprehensive Report cost me?
My charge for a comprehensive analysis is $200.00 for each handwriting sample submitted. The handwriting you send should consist of no less than 1/2 page(8-1/2 x 11) of writing per ancestor (or a full or close to full page if possible), or if the writing comes from a small diary, bible or stationary size paper - two pages (if possible) make up the request per ancestor.

6/12/24 7:46:16 pm

This is a little better picture than the one I had here before, although it is still difficult to see the binding. If you look closely you can see the "binding comb" that I use. The color of the cover may vary from what is shown in this picture. My charge for the Comprehensive Report is $200 (bound as shown above) for each handwriting sample submitted. The report will run between 6 and 20 pages depending on the quality of the writing I receive. Cursive writing yields more information. The only additional cost to you is the postage that you must put on the handwriting sample that you send to me. I will pay the postage to send the completed report to you.