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How To Order
Step-By-Step Ordering Process
Please be certain to read the ordering process carefully, so that all that is needed for your comprehensive analysis is included. This will help avoid undue delays in receiving your completed analysis.
1) Get a clear GOOD QUALITY COPY of the handwriting you would like analyzed.
PLEASE DO NOT send the original as these are priceless pieces of your ancestor. I must have no less than one half of an 8-1/2 x 11 page of writing. This is the size of an ordinary sheet of typing paper. If you can send a full or close to full page of writing it would be better, but I must have at least a half a page. If the writing you have comes from a small diary, bible, or stationary size paper, send two consecutive pages (if possible) from the writing. The important thing here is to be sure there is enough writing to give an accurate analysis. Typical writing (cursive only) on unlined paper is best, but lined paper is acceptable. Does the writing have to be in English? Can the writing be cursive or printed?

2) Pay by personal check, money order or cashiers check
If paying by personal check, please keep in mind that it will take at least 10 days for your check to clear. If paying by money order or cashiers check, there is no waiting period. Make whatever form of payment you choose out to Genealogy Graphoanalysis Service in the amount of $200. Please, if you are paying by money order or cashiers check, make a copy for your records. I will make a copy of your form of payment for your file before cashing.

3) Place all in an envelope large enough to avoid folding.
Attach your payment to the page or pages of writing and place in an envelope large enough to avoid folding the copy or copies you have made. DO NOT FORGET TO INCLUDE YOUR RETURN ADDRESS, E-MAIL, AND THE FIRST AND LAST NAME OF YOUR ANCESTOR. Why Do You Need My Ancestor's First and Last Name?

4) Put on the correct postage.
Put on the correct postage and address envelope to: Genealogy Graphoanalysis Service, c/o Christina M. Meide, 320 2nd Avenue SW, Hampton, Iowa, 50441. Put your return address in upper left corner.

5) Allow 6 weeks for delivery of analysis.
Your analysis could arrive sooner than this depending on the volume I receive, but I ask that you allow 6 weeks for delivery and possibly 8 weeks around the major holidays due to an overload of mail delivery at the post offices.