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Frequently Asked Questions
Questions before ordering? Check here first!
I have tried to cover any questions you might have on this page concerning this service, but if there is one that I have not covered, please feel free to contact me.
Q What if I want more information about Graphoanalysis before I decide to order?
A Not a problem. I have a brochure entitled "Questions & Answers About Graphoanalysis" written and published by the "International Graphoanalysis Society" that I can send to you. Just go to "Contact Me" on the sidebar and send me an e-mail stating that you would like the brochure. Don't forget to include your name and address.

Q What type of payment do you accept?
A I accept personal checks, money orders or cashiers checks only at this time. Please be sure to make a copy of your money order or cashiers check before you send it. I will also make a copy of your form of payment for my files before I cash it.

Q Was Graphoanalysis actually intended for genealogy purposes?
A Until now, I don't think anyone ever thought about it. It is mostly used for the "living", but after being on many different mail lists where people were asking for anything they could find to make their family books more interesting, I decided that this would be a wonderful service to offer.

Q Will you do an analysis for me personally instead of an ancestor?
A Absolutely. There are two reports that can be done. The comprehensive report discussed on the "Comprehensive Report" page, and a compatibility report. Eventually I will also be offering a vocational report to fit you into a job that matches your talents and aptitudes. For a compatibility report, both parties must consent to having their handwriting analyzed. This type of report can help a couple, father/child, mother/child learn what their differences are. Once these are recognized, then you will know better how to work with them to ease the differences for a better relationship. The price of the comprehensive report is the same as listed on this website. A compatibility report is $450 as it requires doing three separate reports.

Q Does the writing have to be in English?
Can the writing be cursive or printed?
A English - This one is tricky. I have learned Graphoanalysis in the English language, but in most cases in handwriting a stroke is a stroke. I cannot analyze Hebrew, Chinese or Japanese however as I am not familiar with the characters of these languages. There may be a few others as well that I haven't come across as of yet. If you are unsure, please e-mail me or send a copy of the writing. I will let you know if it is possible for me to analyze.
As for cursive or printed writing, I will only analyze cursive. The reason for this is that printed writing does not allow for a full evaluation. There are important strokes missing in printed writing which obviously will make it impossible to give a full analysis. It would be unfair of me to charge for handwriting that cannot be fully evaluated.

Q Why do you need my ancestor's first and last name?
A I keep files on the analysis that I do for you. These files are alphabetized using the last name of your ancestor. This is for purposes of confidentiality.

Q Once I receive my report, can I make copies and share it with my relatives?
A Yes. The report is yours to do with as you see fit. All that I ask is that you copy it as it is sent to you (cover page, etc) so that it will make sense to all who read it.

Q What if I lose my ancestor's report or something happens to it? Can I get another one without paying $200 again?
A I charge $10 for replacing a lost report. This covers the cost of postage, front and back covers, binding, and copying the report. This request should be made either through the mail with a note telling me what you need, or through the e-mail telling that the money order or cashiers check for $10 is on the way. I MUST HAVE YOUR ANCESTOR'S FIRST AND LAST NAME as that is how my files are set up.

Q Where do I find out more about the "International Graphoanalysis Society"?
A International Graphoanalysis Society (IGAS)