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About Me

Why I Am Offering This Service

After 16 years of genealogy research on four different family lines, although far from complete, I decided to begin to compile what I had obtained into a book for each family. After I had used up all the information from the file of each individual, although the books were impressive, I still felt something was missing. No matter how much data I had, I still didn't feel that I really knew my ancestors. Sure I had names, dates, pictures, immigration records, land records, etc., but these documents only gave me facts. I wanted "personal". I wanted to know my ancestors from the "inside". My Aunt introduced me to Graphoanalysis which she had been certified in forty years ago. Accustomed to checking my sources, I buried myself in finding out everything I could about this technique that allows a trained person to analyze another person's personality by their handwriting. Satisified by what I discovered, I enrolled in the classes offered by the "International Graphoanalysis Society (IGAS)" to learn this technique for myself. The training was intense and required much time and effort, but I am now a Certified Graphoanalyst (working for my Masters Degree in this field) and I am able to give to you my dream of giving family books not only facts, but a true personality analysis of an ancestor.
Sample Report

Personal Information

As for personal information, I am a mother of four - ages 18 (girl - heading off to college this fall); 14 (boy); 10 (girl); and 5 (girl). We have one schnauzer and a kitten. We live in a small town (population 4,000 maybe). Days are quiet while the kids are in school and evenings are full of the days' stories, things to gather for tomorrow, and homework. I wouldn't trade it for anything! Aside from my Graphoanalysis work, I work on my genealogy and I write short stories. There is a novel, but I've been working on it for about four years and have placed it safely on a shelf for the time being.

This photo was taken about 5 years ago, obviously in a studio. Sure wish I looked like this every day.